Can Smart Thermostats Reduce Your Building’s Energy Bills?

Multi-family building owners have their attention pulled in multiple directions at any given moment. As your building fills up with different families with differing energy needs — and preferred temperatures — your building’s energy bill can vary wildly. Whether you’re an apartment building manager or a college campus trying to manage your on-campus dorms’ energy use better, finding the perfect way to monitor the various thermostats in your facility can prove challenging. 

Large multi-family buildings can experience a wide range of benefits from thermostat monitoring technology to help monitor the room temperature and maximize the energy efficiency of every unit. Smart thermostats can quickly become your secret weapon to save more energy and reduce the total energy bill across the board. 

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat

Keeping track of the temperature settings in countless units can seem daunting for building managers. However, with a smart thermostat, a greater degree of control can help reduce energy consumption and costs across the board. With a variety of room sensors and remote temperature monitoring systems providing real-time updates, you and your tenants can take a more active role in how much energy gets used at your property on a daily basis. 

Empowering Residents

Your tenants can adjust the temperature from a centralized app in case they forgot to turn the AC system off before a long weekend away. A bonus comes from the voice command functions that a smart thermostat provides. Your tenants can control their Wi-Fi thermostat through a simple voice command. This feature can help tenants take more control of their HVAC system’s energy consumption. 

Greater Control for Building Managers

Your thermostat monitoring system can help you keep a closer eye on your vacant rooms and common areas. Additionally, you can keep better track of the common areas and better manage the energy usage during downtime. If these unoccupied rooms are left unattended, but the AC is still on through a timing system, it can be an unnecessary drain on your total energy bill. 

Getting a Centralized Control System

In the past, you may have resisted taking steps to install smart thermostats in your buildings because the technology wasn’t there to have a centralized monitoring system for every unit. You wouldn’t have the information you needed to make more informed decisions about the overall energy consumption of your building. However, thanks to H2O Degree and our products, we have given building managers the ability to track every smart thermostat in their building. 

Our smart thermostat technology provides building managers with a centralized web portal to access each smart thermostat they have in their building, getting access to real-time data and information to give them a complete picture of their building’s energy consumption. With the press of a few buttons, you can establish pre-determined setpoints for your tenant’s thermostats and control the vacant rooms and common areas.

If you want to learn more about H2O Degree’s smart thermostat monitoring systems — like the T1000 Smart Thermostat — or our gas metering products, don’t wait! Contact the H2O Degree team to learn more about our products today!