H2O Degree Releases New Website!

It’s time for an upgrade!

H2O Degree is proud to announce that we have redesigned the www.H2ODegree.com website and it is now live!

Now when you visit us for your utility management solutions – such as water leak detection, thermostat control, utility consumption and reporting, and submetering for electric, water, gas, and BTU – you will be welcomed by a sleek new design that allows you to quickly find the information you need to better manage your utility costs.

Our entire website has been completely redesigned, with the user in mind! When you log onto our site, you can quickly find information about how we can help you reduce your utility costs, what the benefits are from submetering, and the latest news that includes new projects, industry articles and trade show events where you can see our products live and in person! Everything on our website is easy to look at with a vibrant layout that flashes across the screen upon access, taking our online presence into the 21st century!

The new website provides detailed listings of all of our products, including sales and technical information. All of our water, electric, gas and BTU submetering products are displayed with full technical and engineering specifications In addition, you can also find sales and technical specifications for our thermostat control, water leak detection and alarming solutions as well as information on our reporting solutions. We want you to know why H2O Degree is the industry leader for submetering & utility management solutions, and the new layout of our website puts all of that information in one easy-to-find spot!

A beneficial component of our website is an overview of some of our success stories and case studies. Buildings across the country have benefited from our wireless submetering and leak detection systems for over 10 years. If you want to see exactly how clients are utilizing our solutions to benefit both the property managers and tenants alike, then take a look for yourself and see how we have helped countless properties save money on their utilities!

Take a look at this brief video to see some of the new implementations on our site!