Looking for a Change? A Career at H2O Degree Can Help!

Finding a job that you like, let alone love, can prove a lifelong challenge for people. You want to find a career that offers you ample opportunities for growth and upward mobility but also provides a semblance of a work/life balance. Knowing what you’re looking for can help you find the perfect fit for your future career. 

No matter what kind of job you have or find yourself wanting, it can be challenging to find something that makes you happy every day. When you have a job, coworkers, and a work environment that pushes you to be better, face new challenges head-on and creates a nurturing atmosphere for you to grow, you can confidently move forward in your chosen career. A job with H2O Degree can provide the right candidates with the perfect atmosphere for sustained growth!

Plumbing Inside Technical Customer Support Opportunity

Our intricate water submetering infrastructure represents a solution to the complex plumbing needs of multi-family buildings. Property managers need a reliable way to manage water usage within their buildings. Whether they want to identify leaks and wasted water, or monitor usage for tenant submetering and billing, H2O Degree has the solution for these applications. When property managers want to take their building’s water metering solutions to the next level, they need a resource to promptly and clearly explain our systems. 

We’re hiring to fill a plumbing inside technical customer support position within our team. Our ideal candidate will focus on providing expert technical customer support for our clients, help develop and deliver customized quotes, specifications, and technical drawings for each project, and provide excellent customer service along the way. They will also support the sales team as they continue to secure leads and help continue to grow the business. 

East and West Technical Sales Managers Wanted

The key to every successful business’ growth revolves around driving sales-forward and bringing in new customers. That doesn’t change when you start talking about submetering and water leak detection solutions for apartment complexes. Our team is looking to add both an East Regional and a West Regional Technical Sales Manager to help our team continue to grow and support H2O Degree systems. 

Our East and West technical sales managers work to showcase the capabilities of the full suite of H2O Degree’s products and services, including our LoRaWAN compatible submetering products. They demonstrate to potential customers the features and benefits of choosing H2O Degree as their provider of their new water utility management system. They work with existing sales representatives and distributors to meet with new clients and create an environment where they can make the most of their target market. 

Join the H2O Degree Family Today!

We’re always looking for new team members to help us grow the business and push our success forward. We want individuals who can hit the ground running and learn our terminology and methodology quickly while ensuring that our customers are treated well. We want team members that want to work towards a common goal and provide thoughtful and excellent customer service when the need arises. If that sounds like you, don’t hesitate to reach out to the team!

For those interested in pursuing a career with H2O Degree, you can forward your resume via email to info@h2odegree.com, and we’ll be in touch!