February, 2022: H2O Degree’s New Mobile App Speeds Commissioning of Submetering Networks

H2O Degree's New Mobile App Speeds Commissioning of Submetering Networks

Mobile app provides an alternative manual ID process during installation; Offers remote access to real-time monitoring data according to property; Enables remote LoRaWAN-enabled flood prevention.

Bensalem, PA – February 15, 2022

H2O Degree, provider of the industry’s first LoRaWAN-based submetering and water leak/flood detection system, now offers PropUp, a commissioning and control app that makes it easy to set up submetering devices and access utility information remotely. In the past, commissioning entailed affixing and peeling off sticker sheets at the property and then mailing them in for processing. Now, using the PropUp app, technicians simply scan the device’s QR cpdes to complete setup on location. After installation, users can view real-time monitoring data collected by H2O Degree’s wireless water meters and smart thermostats from their mobile phones and computers.

As a progressive web application (PWA), PropUp is efficient and versatile. In addition to its commissioning and control capabilities, the PropUp mobile app can be used in H2O Degree’s LoRaWAN-enabled remote flood prevention application. When an off-site user, for example, receives an alert that an on-the-floor rope sensor has detected pooling water at a high-rise property, they can use PropUp to remotely shut off the associated smart water valve to prevent flooding.

We designed our new PropUp app to make it much easier for our customers to set up and commission our advanced wireless submetering systems at the property,” said President of H2O Degree, Don Millstein. “PropUp also allows them to remotely view — and respond to — their property’s critical utility data.”

The PropUp mobile app complements H2O Degree’s comprehensive portfolio of products that help property owners and managers reduce utility costs and prevent plumbing-related water damage at multi-housing and commercial buildings. Contact your H2O Degree salesperson or email info@h2odegree.com for information on downloading and setting up the PropUp system setup and commissioning app for your H2O submetering, water leak and flood detection system.

About H2O Degree

H2O Degree manufactures a broad line of wireless, radio-based and LoRaWAN enabled submetering and leak detection systems that measure individual apartment or condo use of water, domestic hot water energy, boiler and chiller energy, electricity, gas and BTUs. The systems are ideal for tenant billing, flood & leak detection reporting down to the toilet level and energy analytics. The company also offers Green Thermostats, which track energy use and apartment temperature while allowing tenants and property owners to set temperature set-points and schedules, adjust set-back temperatures when tenants are away or asleep, report HVAC maintenance issues and provide control for vacant utility costs. For more information, please go to: www.h2odegree.com.