H2O Degree’s Connection With the Internet of Things

You might have heard about the Internet of Things, or IoT, but you may not be aware of exactly what is involved with it and how it can directly affect you. Believe it or not, H2O Degree works very closely with IoT. With cutting-edge wireless LoRaWan networks powered by MachineQ from Comcast, we can use this technology to better the systems you use for utility submetering, water leak detection, and other energy conservation solutions that we offer to multi-family properties.

H2O Degree & MachineQ Comcast Partnered to exhibit at the 2020 AHR Show in the Building Automation Pavillion.

The first step to understanding how we incorporate IoT is understanding what exactly IoT is. The Internet of Things is the way that different devices within a whole system are connected, making it easier to send and receive data between each other. The IoT is commonly used in household electronic objects, meaning the IoT is all around you and has likely been a part of your life from the beginning of the digital era.

There are endless possibilities for how IoT can connect different aspects of a given system. The rule of thumb is that anything that can be connected will be connected, making the way you live your life and get things done simpler. This is an aspect that is especially crucial when it comes to wireless submetering and energy conservation; having information about utility usage by tenants, common areas, equipment or each zone in your building coming together and having the ability to control these aspects would be impossible without IoT.

Thanks to LoRaWan Wireless open protocol, H2O Degree can integrate IoT technology into all of our utility management and water leak detection solutions. Through these wireless data communication systems, we are helping to optimize resource utilization, become more operationally efficient, reduce labor costs, and, most importantly, improve your experience as a customer. Through technology from MachineQ, we can build systems that are capable of having thousands of different devices, all while having the customization and tracking abilities that have made our tenant billing & utility conservation solutions a success to any property that has utilized our products and services.

IoT helps H2O Degree every day by allowing us to have the most accurate and up-to-date monitoring systems for landlords to control their building’s water and utilities. If you believe that your building could benefit from submetering solutions, you can use our website to find your regional representative to get in touch with. You can also contact H2O Degree today to see if you are eligible for a site evaluation.