H2O Degree to be Featured at AHR Expo!

H2O Degree is excited to be taking our wireless utility submetering, water leak detection, and thermostat control technology to Orlando for this year’s AHR Expo! We will be partnering throughout the expo with MachineQ, a Philadelphia-based division of Comcast specializing in LoRaWAN technology, low-power IoT platforms, and other software designed to make utility monitoring and leak detection a more straightforward process. 

The event will be held from February 3rd to 5th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. We will be set up with MachineQ at booth #375 for each day of the event, so you can visit us, in the West Hall of the convention center to learn about how we can help you with wireless utility submetering and energy management.

AHR Expo attendees will learn all about how our wireless submetering and water leak detection solutions are powered through open protocol LoRaWAN technology, giving you the ability to have your network throughout any size property all on one efficient system. Some of the solutions we will be talking about include HVAC and thermostat control, submetering for water, electric, gas, and BTU, integration of technologies in your building, and many other services!

In addition to how we use LoRaWAN in our systems, MachineQ will also be educating hundreds of industry professionals about their IoT (Internet of Things) platforms and how they can be beneficial. What this does is make it easier for your hardware, networks, and other working parts of your system to interact. You can learn more about how they can tie into HVACR by attending the AHR Expo!

This expo is the world’s largest marketplace for anyone in the HVACR industry, making this event a perfect networking opportunity to share with industry professionals how our services can help them. Some of the educational opportunities and seminars will include discussions on future trends for building designs, what’s coming next in wireless monitoring technology, and plenty of other insider updates.

If you are going to be attending the AHR Expo, don’t forget to visit H2O Degree and MachineQ at booth #375 to learn about how LoWaRAN technology can help you connect your entire utility monitoring system and help you save on tenant utility billing and energy management. If you want to learn more about this expo, or to learn more about any of the products and solutions offered by H2O Degree or MachineQ, contact our team today.