Introducing the WM-3000 & WM-3100 Ultrasonic Water Meters

At H2O Degree, we are always looking for innovative solutions to meet your submetering needs. Recently, we developed the WM-3000 and WM-3100 series of ultrasonic water meters. Highly accurate, simple to install, and useful in a wide array of applications, these water meters are fully compatible with H2O Degree’s wireless water metering and leak detection systems.

Versatility & Applications

Unlike other water meters, the WM-3000 and WM-3100 products mount around the outside of the pipe being monitored, without cutting the pipe or having to re-pipe the system. This avoids costly and time-intensive installation, interruption in service, and potential contamination of the substance being metered, they can be used to meter not only water, but also a variety of other liquids, including:

  • Deionized water
  • Chemicals
  • Oils
  • Consumer products

These ultrasonic water meters can detect liquid through various pipe materials, such as stainless steel, PVC, copper, and iron, among others, and they can accommodate a range of pipe diameters. The WM-3000 series can fit pipes 1/4″ to 2″, while the WM-3100 can accommodate pipes from 2 1/2″ to 8″. Its slim and compact design allows for installation in tight spaces where monitoring may have previously been impossible.

Below is a brief comparison of some key differences between the two models:

Infographic comparing the WM-3000 and the WM-3100 models

Convenience & Installation

A significant benefit of the WM-3000 and WM-3100 series of products is their ease of installation. Installation does not require modification of any existing pipework. That’s because it can be easily mounted around the outside of the pipe using just a Phillips screwdriver — no specialized tools are necessary. Because of the easy installation, these products are also ideal for temporary sites or temporary monitoring applications. It increases cost savings due to the quick and easy installation and requires no shut down or service interruption to your tenants or equipment.

Once installed, you can begin using the ultrasonic water meter immediately. Both series of products offer live flow monitoring of actual or relative flow, which can be viewed directly on the device’s display. With seamless integration with H2O Degree’s wireless water metering and leak detection systems, users can see flow patterns over time and be alerted of any leaks in the building.

Solutions that Work for Your Unique Application

We are excited to continue developing solutions that help our customers meet the needs of their specific applications, are convenient to use, and help them save money. To learn more about our ultrasonic water meters, or to schedule a free site evaluation, contact us at