The Financial Advantages to Installing a Sub-Metering System in Your Building

Whether you own or manage a large apartment complex or other large-capacity multiple tenant building, the advantages of a submetering system benefit both management and residents. With a properly utilized submetering system, you can eliminate the need for water usage estimates and promote a socially-conscious environment for everyone in the community.

Infographic explaining how wireless water submetering systems can save money for building owners and tenants

Equitable Rates for Tenants

With the use of a submetering system, fair and accurate billing can be accomplished for all tenants living in the building. No longer will management have to rely on inaccurate estimates of water usage and future projected outcomes. Accurate readings of water usage can be made through the use of a submetering system, allowing for real-time analysis of data. This enables management to correctly bill all tenants for their monthly usage and removes the need for archaic cost-sharing initiatives. As tenants look for cost-effective living solutions, accurate utility assessment and billing is an increasingly attractive option.

Reduced Operating Costs

The constant drive to maintain profitability is a continual issue facing building management. Controlling ever-rising operational costs has become a serious problem facing many property management firms. That said, the expense of new building projects to house tenants is also out of reach for many management companies. Yet, upgrading an older facility with new technologically-based energy systems is a great way to better manage operating costs without a substantial financial investment. Our wireless water submetering products make it easy to retrofit an existing system, reducing installation costs. Recent studies have indicated that implementing an energy management system such as water submetering can significantly reduce operational costs due to energy consumption.

Energy-Conscious Consumption Habits

Water submetering networks use complex software to track and analyze water consumption across an extensive water utility system. By keeping tenants informed regarding their water usage, residents can make informed decisions and adjustments in their consumption habits. This reduces water use and reduces overall reliance on the system, leading to lower operating costs. By instilling energy-conscious water consumption habits, you can reduce both billing and operational costs in the short and long term.

Diagnostics for Optimized Maintenance Protocols

Being able to see real-time data on water usage throughout a multi-tenant facility also allows management to pinpoint potential problems before they happen. If daily, weekly, or monthly usage rates incrementally increase without changes to tenant utility use, management can quickly assess and pinpoint the cause of rate fluctuations. H2O Degree’s reporting and water leak alarm ensures that any issues will be detected before they get out of hand. Being able to prevent a major system failure by efficiently and effectively addressing leaks or other malfunctions can significantly decrease building operational costs.

Take Control of Your Building’s Water System with H2O Degree

By implementing H2O Degree’s state-of-the-art wireless water submetering system in your residential building or apartment complex, you can enforce sound utility policies where both management and tenants can financially benefit. To learn more about H2O Degree and what we can do for your building management company, contact us today!