Stay on the Cutting Edge With H2O Degree at ASPE 2022

People entering a conference floor

For the multi-family housing industry, finding new ways to stay on top of the water issues that tenets experience can help improve their satisfaction. As they deal with leaks, water usage issues, and more, their experiences renting from you can take a dramatic hit if you don’t have the necessary equipment to identify problems with the water system. H2O Degree has spent years developing technology to identify these issues as easily as possible, but sometimes, customers want to see our devices in action. 

Fortunately, a return to the event circuit means our customers can get a first-hand look at our leak detection reporting solutions, and ask us questions directly. This September, you can find us at the 2022 ASPE Convention & Expo in Indianapolis, IN. 

About the ASPE Convention & Expo

The American Society of Plumbing Engineers has held its annual convention for decades and provided a haven for both plumbing professionals and property managers to learn more. These events offer the attendees a wealth of information and opportunities to grow their skills, network, and improve the technology they use during their workday. The ASPE Convention & Expo offers attendees the following perks:

Grow Their Careers

For plumbers, the event provides them with 25+ educational sessions aimed at helping them grow their skills and careers. These sessions allow them to get direct experience working with the latest technologies and ask questions to the companies that developed them. 

Talk With Fellow Professionals

Sometimes the best connections happen when you least expect them. It can come from the friends and relationships you make on the convention floor with plumbing professionals, property managers, owners, and businesses. These events allow people from across the country to talk with others in the field and forge new connections and relationships that can prove especially beneficial. 

For individuals presenting new technology and submetering systems, this portion of the Expo can have a big impact on their future and boost business. By making friends with others in the industry, you can give them a real-time test of products. If everything goes as planned, they can start telling friends about your offerings. With that good word of mouth, you will see more business coming your way. 

Meet a Wide Range of Exhibitors

For a national conference like ASPE 2022, you can expect to find businesses from all over the country — including the H2O Degree team. Display booths encourage attendees to interact with people and products they may not have seen in action before. With new plumbing technology developing every day, the over 250 global exhibitors in attendance will have a new audience to work with and build out their network. 

Come Find H2O Degree at ASPE Convention & 2022!

H2O Degree looks forward to this opportunity to meet with industry professionals and exhibitors to showcase our technologies and continue to make new connections. We’ll proudly share the advancements we’ve made in wireless metering solutions and answer any questions you may have about our suite of products. Come find us at booth #640 and say hi from September 19th-20th.