How to Detect Water Leaks Before They Become Major Problems

Property managers of multi-family residential or commercial buildings who have had to deal with water leaks know what a headache they can be. If the leak remains undetected for too long, there could be extensive damage and remediation cleanup required. On top of the damage cost, the leak likely caused a significant amount of wasted water and higher utility bills.

How big of a problem is water leakage? View the infographic below for some statistics about the cost of water leaks.

infographic with stats about water waste from leaks

It’s clear that leaks are a prevalent problem, but small leaks can often go unnoticed for days or weeks, quietly wasting water. These costs can quickly start to add up both for property owners and their tenants, which is why H2O Degree recognized a need to identify leaks earlier, allowing the issue to be resolved much sooner. 

How the Water Leak Alarming Feature Works

All of H2O Degree’s submetering systems come with an added feature: an instantaneous water leak alarm. When specific criteria are met, the system will automatically generate an email or text and send it to subscribed parties such as building managers or maintenance staff in the event of a severe leak. There are two types of alarms that can be triggered:

  • High gallon alarm – more than x gallons per hour for n hours; these values can be set within the system for an amount that makes sense for their application
  • Constant flow alarm – 60 minutes of continuous water flow in an hour

By being notified of a leak as soon as it becomes a problem, landlords and property managers can direct maintenance staff to take action to not only stop water from being wasted but also to prevent potential damage to the building. 

Advantages of the Wireless Water Leak Detection & Submetering Systems

H2O Degree’s wireless water leak detection and submetering systems offer numerous benefits to property managers in addition to providing an alert system for leaks. The system not only monitors water consumption for leak detection, but it provides actual utility metering data, enabling you to charge tenants only for the water they use. It even delivers a variety of reports, including daily leak reports to your team, allowing you to get ahead of any maintenance issues.

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