How Utility Submetering Became an Essential Part of Multi-Family Facilities

An Early Invention

As the Industrial Revolution swept the world over a century ago, two brothers realized the need for pressure and temperature controls that allowed for precise readings. Axel and Odin Clorius went on to found their company, Clorius Controls, in 1902. Over two decades later, and with extensive research, Axel and Odin had a patent for a heat cost allocator that measured energy usage in individual apartments heated by a common boiling system. The device effectively measured the energy each tenant was using to heat their apartment so individualized utility billing could be used.

Widespread Implementation

As with all new forms of technology, utility submetering took time to be widely adopted by the public. It wasn’t until the energy crisis of the 1970s that utility submetering was utilized by property management companies to accurately track their tenant’s gas and electricity usage.

It took longer for water submetering to be widely used in communities as water remained relatively inexpensive until the 1990s. During that time, both municipal freshwater supplies and wastewater disposal services dramatically increased in costs. Environmental concerns over water and energy conservation also led to a sudden rise in prices. Property managers and homeowner associations began implementing water submetering to track individual resident’s water consumption and wastewater creation. Now, over three decades later, water submetering has become an essential component for many communities across the country and around the world.

Modern Adoption

As utility prices continue to rise, many property management companies have now adopted widespread submetering to facilitate conservation efforts and to bill individual residents for their utility usage precisely. With the widespread adoption of submetering, there is hope that individuals will feel empowered to reduce their consumption of water, gas, and electricity leading to a cleaner environment and long-term consumer cost-savings.

Infographic outlining the benefits of submetering on multi-family units

H2O Degree: An Industry Leader in Utility Management Solutions

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