Maintain the Balance Between Community and Autonomy With Submetering Services

Every community thrives on a system that provides individual autonomy and encourages communal resource sharing to sustain all participants. In the past, this delicate balance was achieved through an “honor system” between community members. As our world becomes increasingly problematic, however, the need for a system that can comprehensively monitor resource usage can ensure that everyone can still enjoy the benefits of a sharing and respectful coexistence.

Here we will briefly review some of the core objectives of resource and energy management through the utilization of a wireless submetering system:

Infographic showing how submetering systems can improve community thorughout your building

First-Class Treatment for Everyone

Whether in a condominium, apartment complex, or another residential community, the ability to accurately track utility usage for every resident allows all parties to understand everyone is being treated and billed fairly. All building occupants will realize that management is serving them to the best of their ability by maintaining superior water usage monitoring to pinpoint potential problems and hold all tenants equally accountable for utility use.

Easy Access to Water Usage Data

Many condominium and apartment communities now implement a residents’ webpage where events are advertised and management can make announcements. Residents typically can also access these websites with individual accounts where they can manage their bills and notify management of any building issues. With minimal effort, building administrators can inform residents of any significant water usage fluctuations and address the situation accordingly. When being proactive, individuals can similarly reach out to management and find out their water usage and billing rates with little difficulty.

Environmentally-Friendly Community Initiatives

Having comprehensive data on water usage will enable management to encourage environmentally-friendly initiatives such as awareness campaigns. Residents will have already benefited from water submetering, and this success can be built upon to create an environmentally conscious community that works hard to reduce water consumption for both their advantage and the benefit of the collective.

H2O Degree: Building a Better Community and Empowering the Individual

By utilizing submetering systems from H2O Degree, you can increase individual awareness of water usage and create a sense of personal responsibility when living in a residential community. Building occupants will understand that their utilities are being managed fairly, and accurate data about their water use habits is always available to them. For more information about how H2O Degree can transform your condominium, apartment complex, or residential community through submetering and water leak detection solutions, contact us today!