The Importance of Up-To-Date Humidity Sensors For Property Managers

Multi-family residential buildings represent a complex ecosystem. Keeping the air and water quality as high as possible has become a critical part of the job for property managers. As the ongoing search for new ways of tracking your property’s temperature and humidity continues, finding new technology to help becomes essential. As the technology advances, the greater precision these sensors have to determine the temperature and humidity of the building and provide a safer environment for their tenants. Using more accurate techniques for better temperature control, property managers can ensure all tenants residing in your multi-family facilities are comfortable. 

Improving Thermostat Monitoring By Tracking Humidity

Temperature and humidity have a synergistic relationship, which means finding effective ways to track both can prove beneficial. How air temperature and moisture interact with each other can directly impact the quality of life for people, so understanding the levels within your building with the help of our temperature and humidity monitoring systems can help everyone in the building.

How Does Humidity Affect People?

High humidity and high heat tend to mean that more water molecules in the air can carry odor greater distances. If there are foul odors around, the higher humidity can take that smell and disperse it across a wider area and affect more people. Additionally, higher relative humidity can make it more difficult for people to sweat as the water molecules wind up getting trapped in the air effectively.

How New and Improved Temperature and Humidity Trackers Can Help

As tenants and property managers enter the summer and its rising temperatures, having accurate temperature and humidity sensors installed will help navigate the changing conditions. With our M5411x Temperature/Humidity sensor, you’ll have an easier time tracking these crucial metrics. For property managers looking to correlate all of the data throughout the building, this sensor utilizes and transfers the data across the secure H2O wireless 2.4 GHz mesh network. With this up-to-date information, you can better control the HVAC needs of your building and provide your tenants with the same information so they can make their decisions based on their own comfort levels. 

Do you need help revitalizing your submetering network infrastructure of your building? H2O Degree can help outfit your facility with the latest technology and help improve your ability to deliver accurate metering and submetering results to improve tenant utility billing across the board. Contact us to learn more about how we can help today!